CTS Eventim: Innovative ideas

CTS Eventim’s business has been under heavy strain since March. As a result, sales in the first quarter fell by almost 35 percent to EUR 184.6 million. The profit drops by 98 percent to EUR 0.6 million. Sales and earnings are expected to decrease significantly in the year as a whole. However, a concrete forecast is currently not feasible, the uncertainties are too great.

For the analysts of Nord LB, the hold recommendation for the shares of CTS Eventim remains. So far, the target price was EUR 30.00. In the current study by the analysts, it rose to EUR 38.00.

When major events are allowed again is unclear. However, more and more innovative ideas are emerging. So there are concerts in drive-in cinemas. Paid websites are also possible.

At CTS there is currently short-time work, no layoffs have been given. The voucher solutions help the company that not too much liquidity flows out.

At a glance – chart and news: CTS Eventim

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