FCR Immobilien: On the upswing

FCR Immobilien plans to top the 2019 result by at least 10 percent this year. This is what FCR boss Falk Raudies says in the morning at the m: access real estate conference of the Munich Stock Exchange.

In his presentation, Raudies confirms that they want to part with the remaining hotels in the portfolio. Negotiations have stopped because of the crisis, but the separation appears to be only a matter of time. 2020/2021 wants to focus on the core business again. The properties in Italy and Spain are to be sold, the focus will only be on Germany and Austria.

Raudies describes the effects of Corona on FCR as moderate. In April some tenants deferred the rent. The deferral volume is 0.25 million euros. For comparison: the total annual net rent stands at 19.5 million euros. Also important for Raudies: there was no loss of rent and no bankruptcy.

Raudies has been feeling a certain upward trend for two weeks now. Accordingly, you can even report new rentals.

FCR currently has four bonds on the market. The bond issued this year has an annual interest rate of 4.25 percent. It is currently still in the placement. The issue volume is up to 30 million euros.


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