Collective action stimulates book sales

Consumer research (among Dutch people over the age of 18) shows that the # ikleesthuis campaign provided more inspiration to readers during the corona crisis.

In three months’ time, a quarter of consumers appear to (re) know #ikleesthuis. The exhortation to go to “the favorite bookstore or online library” had an effect: half of the consumers who bought or borrowed a book and who were familiar with #ikleesthuis, were actually inspired by the campaign. Due to the great success, the Dutch Foundation for Literature is investing in a summer sequel to #ikleesthuis under the motto “your summer starts with books”. With this campaign, the collective book trade will continue to support # summer reading in the bookstore in the coming months.

Read again

The corona crisis turned out to be the perfect time for many Dutch people to read a book (again): in the past three months, more than 300,000 downloads have taken place at the online library and the turnover from book sales has increased by 1% (Dutch books only) compared to the same period in 2019. The physical bookstore unfortunately benefited less from this. During this period they experienced a loss of turnover of 24%, online turnover grew by 33%.

Consumer research

50% of Dutch consumers read a book, e-book or listened to an audiobook during the lockdown. Reading paper books is therefore in the top 10 most popular leisure activities. The frequency with which people read paper books also seems to have increased. 36% of consumers who did a reading activity and who knew #Ikleesthuis, indicate that the # ikleesthuis campaign was a reason to actually include a book, e-book or audiobook.

Familiarity with the # ikleesthuis campaign has risen markedly compared to the first campaign month of March 2020.

Given the short duration and the limited budget, the awareness of 17% in March was already remarkably high. Within two months, awareness rose by no less than 6% to 23% now. The campaign has a good content assessment: a large majority of consumers who have seen the # ikleesthuis expressions find the message clear (80%) and sympathetic (75%).

#Little house

The basis of the # ikleesthuis campaign was formed by various expressions on social media, in print, online, outdoor advertising (offered by JCDecaux) and on radio and TV (partly free airtime from Ster). The # ikleesthuis campaign has reached millions of people. The campaign was carried out by the collective book trade as well as by individual bookstores, publishers and libraries. Readers community (800,000 visitors per month), in collaboration with the CPNB, provided daily reading inspiration and also on social media, reading tips were shared en masse under the hashtag #ikleesthuis. This was further fueled by various activations and content and numerous initiatives, both inside and outside the book trade, to support the campaign; so also by our partners NS, TUI, McDonald’s and Eye Wish. But also, for example, from the KBO-PCOB elderly association and the NPO Radio1 program Stax & Toine.

The # ikleesthuis campaign was funded by various parties in the book trade ** and was conceived and implemented by the CPNB in ​​collaboration with B.R.A.I.N. Creatives. The Letterenfonds will continue funding (with subsidies from OCW) for the upcoming umbrella campaigns: Summer Reading and the gift campaign in the autumn.

* The results of the consumer survey, conducted by market research agency Team Vier, are based on a representative sample of Dutch consumers aged 18 and older. The first study ran from April 8 to 16. The second study ran from June 4-8. The relationships in terms of gender, age and reading behavior are representative of the Dutch population.

** KBb, GAU, VOB, KB, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Reading Foundation, Centraal Boekhuis and NBD Biblion.

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