Sustainable start-up Swappie is coming to the Netherlands

This happened in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

Swappie says it offers ‘a reliable range of iPhones at an exceptionally competitive price.’ The own test lab subjects the submitted iPhones to a program of 52 control steps. Buyers can read on the website exactly what condition the phone of their choice is in. In addition, Swappie offers a two-year warranty on the purchase. With their quality, transparency and friendliness, Swappie has already conquered the heart of more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

Swappie chooses to expand to our country, because the Dutch do a lot of online shopping, are sensitive to dealing with the environment in a responsible way and love the benefits. A reliable refurbished smartphone is not only cheaper than a new one, but also more durable. After the price advantage, less waste is the most frequently cited reason for choosing a refurbished model. The international tech magazine The Next Web this year included Swappie in the top 9 of Europe’s start-ups that contribute most to a greener future.

Gain confidence
Sami Marttinen, founder and CEO of Swappie, has a clear vision: “In this market you will only be successful if people trust you and your product.”
He speaks from experience. The founder started his company after he was once defrauded into the online purchase of a second-hand smartphone. After delving into this and discovering that countless consumers are victims of this type of practice, he decided to develop a safe alternative. Now four years later, Swappie says he is rock solid. Marttinen: ‘You have to earn trust. We will do our utmost to achieve this in the Netherlands as well. ‘

Financial growth
Since its inception in 2016, Swappie has experienced very rapid growth. The company posted sales of over € 31 million in 2019, an increase of approximately 300 percent from 2018. Swappie is also doing well during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people are now buying much more online. Net sales increased fivefold in April and May compared to the same period last year.
The company is already active in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Italy. Italy is currently Swappie’s largest market. This week Swappie also launches its online store in Ireland, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. To expand into Europe, Swappie has arranged € 42.5 million in investments with TESI and existing investors such as Lifeline Ventures, Reaktor Ventures and Inventure.

About Swappie
Swappie is the leading Scandinavian online store that sells refurbished iPhones. Swappie’s mission is to offer customers a better quality, affordable and environmentally friendly way to upgrade their phones. Swappie is active in Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and as of today also in Ireland, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. The company grew strongly in 2019 with a turnover of more than € 31 million. Since its inception in August 2016, Swappie has grown into one of the most innovative and fast-growing start-ups in Europe and has raised € 42.5 million from investors to date. For more information, visit this link. “

(source: Swappie)

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