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Podcast “We are massively changing the way the lawyer works”

Right Now founder Benedikt Quarch (right) with co-founders Phillip Eischet and Torben Antretter PR

Artificial intelligence, blockchain or social bots – the future is digital. But how digital is Germany? In the podcast “So techt Deutschland”, the best digital experts provide insights into the tech scene.

The flight is delayed, you get sick for a short time or the flight is canceled out of the blue. As annoying as these experiences are for airline customers, sometimes it is cumbersome to limit the financial damage. Because the responsible companies are not always accommodating.

Right-Now co-founder Benedikt Quarch also had this experience when he was unable to take a flight to friends. Because the responsible airline did not want to refund the money to him at first. The then law student then rolled over the legal texts, went to court – and won. In 2017 Quarch founded the start-up with his school friends Philipp Eischet and Torben Antretter.

Quarch: The more data, the more accurate the analysis

The business model: Right Now buys legal claims from airline customers against airlines and sues them in court – at your own risk. “We had to learn that in the first few months,” Quarch recalls. In the beginning, the company lost several hundred thousand euros through lost lawsuits.

Today, an algorithm determines the chances of success in advance. He checks cases for validity and risk. To this end, a database of court judgments had been built up over the years, explains Quarch. This means that you know exactly “if we have to complain, how long will it take and what percentage of probability we will win.” The more data available, the more accurate the analysis will be.

Quarch does not believe that there will soon be no more lawyers, but technology will continue to gain ground. His company is also contributing to this change. “We are massively changing the way the lawyer works,” says Quarch.

Benedikt Quarch tells in the new episode of “So techt Deutschland” what role Carsten Maschmeyer plays in his start-up and what artificial intelligence means for the legal profession.

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