Unilever sets new sustainability goals Marketing Stand Food and Retail

For the emission determination, a calculation is made from the extraction of the materials that are processed until the delivery of the products at the point of sale. Unilever also wants to set up the resources chain in 2023 in such a way that deforestation no longer takes place.

Water management
Unilever comes with a new “Regenerative Agriculture CodeFor suppliers, building on the group’s existing sustainable agriculture code. In addition, the maker of FMCG brands wants to introduce water saving programs in areas with water scarcity at 100 locations around the world by 2030. Unilever also becomes a member of the ‘2030 Water Resources Group’.

Climate and nature
Unilever also commits to jointly invest 1 billion euros through the various brands that the group carries in a new fund for climate and nature, which will be used in the coming 10 years to take meaningful and decisive measures, Unilever reports (15/06/20 ).

Moving to London
This week it was also announced that Unilever will establish its general HQ (headquarters, ed.) In London and will be completely British on paper. Unilever says in a statement that nothing will change about the company’s presence in the Netherlands: the office will remain in Rotterdam and no jobs will be lost. Professor Henk Volberda of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Strategy & International Business Section at the UvA, says at that Rotterdam will nevertheless notice the consequences of this news in the long term. “It was very predictable. The Unilever CEO spoke of a mirror decision, because it was first decided to have the head office come to Rotterdam. But that was not accepted by the British shareholders at the time. ”

The shareholders would find the fact that Unilever is in two countries very inefficient. But the timing of the move is a bit strange, says Volberda. “I don’t think the Unilever board has the right feelers for that. We are in the middle of the corona crisis and we are still dealing with Brexit. I had been mistaken as a board and made the decision later. “

Food stay
The food branch is expected to remain in the Netherlands and the personal care and washing and cleaning products departments simply in England. The treasury in the Netherlands is missing out on approximately 200 million euros in dividend tax due to the move. In the event of unforeseen sales of the food branch, CEO Allan Jope would have already agreed that it will still remain in the Netherlands, reports Koos Schwartz in Het Parool. The headquarters of the food branch (Magnum, Knorr, Lipton) will therefore remain in the Netherlands, the renowned R&D center will remain in Wageningen and the 2,500 Dutch employees will keep their jobs, Unilever confirms.

Many advantages of the Netherlands
Unilever is one of the best (internal) training institutes for marketers in the Netherlands. The creativity that can be bought on the Dutch office market can be compared to that in London and even exceeds it according to various market researchers, partly because of the less Anglo-Saxon, open view and better connection to the European market. So it’s a good thing that the HQ move is mainly on a paper for the time being move seems.
(PvWK, sources: Unilever, MT,, Parool and ANP, photo London: Pexels)

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