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The cooking channel is based on an analysis of and a publication in AD Cooking & Eating. The price increase of premium brands is mainly seen in the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, says co-founder of, Matthijs Neppelenbroek: ‘At Jumbo, we see about as many price increases as price decreases. Chains like Plus and Coop often follow Albert Heijn, and adjust the price a few days later. However, these formulas do not react with price increases either. ” The analysis only looked at A brands, and therefore not at the price of various private brands.

81 percent of the cases are more expensive
The agency that analyzes retail prices has listed the price changes of the past five weeks. Normally, the number of price increases and decreases are roughly balanced (50 percent), but recently the AH customer was more expensive in 81 percent of the cases. In other words: of the 1806 price changes, there was an increase in 1464 cases. The number of price rises and falls at competitor Jumbo remained roughly the same, says Neppelenbroek.

The agency reports such price increases over a period of five weeks “never actually see”. Sometimes the prices sometimes rise in the first weeks of each year, for example due to an increase in VAT, but even then the increase is less pronounced. “We don’t really have an explanation for it,” said Neppelenbroek in the AD. Supermarket sales peaked in recent months due to the hoarding behavior of customers after the intelligent lockdown came into effect in March. The turnover was up to 35 percent higher than around Christmas, normally the best week of the year, Statistics Netherlands previously calculated. ‘

AH drafts in a response 24Kitchen have raised a number of prices in recent weeks as a result of market developments. ‘However, the research only concerns top brands, whereby our private brands, price favorites and offers such as the (personal) bonus discounts have not been taken into account. The overview does not say anything about what our customers actually pay at the cash register. “
(sources: 24Kitchen,, CBS, AD and AH, photo above: PvWK)

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