Sascha Becker (Proof) is Communication Man 2020

“Sascha (right on the photo above) has applied his method of the ‘Employee journey’ to various organizations at home and abroad with very appealing results that demonstrably contribute to the organizational objectives. In doing so, he has not only bridged the gap between communication and HR, but has also demonstrated the importance of communication for many directors, “said jury chairman Noud Bex.

The Logeion expert jury and selection committee have independently assessed all candidates for both awards on four criteria: inspiring, innovative, impact and individual contribution.

The pitches and interviews were included in the assessment. It was an extra challenge this year, because the corona measures led to these being carried out remotely. Paulien Trommelen, chairman of the selection committee: “It was a matter of switching for the selection committee and the jury to do everything digitally, but I was really surprised about the creative interpretation of the candidates. It was remote, but I felt some pitches right up to my living room. Then you know they have a good story. “

Communication man 2020

As winner, Becker takes over from Annette Reijersen van Buuren, who was elected Communication Woman 2019 last year. In addition, the professional jury has deployed a wildcard. As a result, not three, but four candidates have advanced to the final of the Communication Elections. By using the wild card, Kirsten Verdel reached the final with her contribution as initiator of XS4ALL Moet Blijven. The other two finalists Guido Stein (Vattenfall) and Lodewijk van Noort (Taalunie and Ministry of BKZ via the Municipality of The Hague) have also performed exceptionally and show exactly what communication is all about.

Communication Talent 2020

Every year Logeion presents the prize for the Communication Talent of the Year to an upcoming talent up to 30 years old. Andy Wiemer (left on photo above) has already performed exceptionally in his short career. “He has made a substantial contribution to both the development and the implementation of the renewed (social) media strategy of ProRail. In doing so, he has managed to make the railway manager a more transparent and self-assured organization, “says Noud Bex. Andy Wiemer succeeds Stefan Meershoek, who was appointed Communication Talent in 2019. Andy leaves the finalists Sanne Abalain (NS) and Patrick Regan (Royal Netherlands Army) behind with the capture of the title.

The Communications Man / Woman and Communication Talent of the Year elections are organized annually by Logeion, the Dutch professional organization for communication professionals.

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