Market effect Podcast Monitor: popularity continues to rise

Number of listeners equal to previous measurement

The first thing to notice is that the proportion of Dutch people who sometimes listen to a podcast remains fairly stable compared to the previous measurement (November 2019).

In May last year, more than a quarter of the Dutch sometimes listened to a podcast and in November this percentage increased to 39%. In the current measurement, this percentage remains stable at 40%, which amounts to approximately 5.3 million Dutch people. About one in six Dutch people listen to a podcast at least once a week.

Added value business podcasts

Of the business listeners (24%), we see that no less than 80% hope to obtain new insights that can help them further on their way in their work. The rise in the number of podcasts, intended for specialists and experts, is therefore easy to explain, according to Markteffect and appears to be a smart move strategically. They are really looking for innovative insights that can help them further at work.

The study also shows that podcasts recorded more than a year ago are still listened to by more than 20% of listeners.

This percentage is even 45% for podcasts that were recorded six months ago. This means that as a maker you do not necessarily have to focus on marketing your new episodes, but that popular podcasts that are (half) years old can also be used to introduce people to your podcast.

Shift in frequency of listening

It does seem as though the corona crisis has influenced the frequency of listening. Michael Petit (Marketing Effect Manager at Markteffect) explains: ‘The current perils surrounding the corona virus have had no numerical impact on the number of listeners, despite a popular moment being commuting. We do see a shift in the frequency of listening: during the previous measurement, the majority listened at least weekly, which is now at least monthly. ‘

Advertising not disturbing

In this third measurement, the subject of advertising has also been added. Most people listen to the advertisement during the podcast and therefore do not skip it and are perceived as disturbing by less than 20% of the respondents. Combined with the listener’s high attention value, the podcast is apparently an interesting marketing tool.

The Market Effect Podcast Monitor

The Markteffect Podcast Monitor is a six-monthly study initiated and carried out by research agency Markteffect. In the study, a representative group of 1,000 Dutch people was interviewed. The full report can be downloaded from this link.


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