Some of the shell could already be in autumn

Hope for Tesla? The electric car manufacturer is planning a gigantic factory in Brandenburg. The responsible minister of economics now assumes that part of the structural work will be completed this year.

Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) believes that the planned factory of US electric car maker Tesla near Berlin could already be partially seen in the body shop in autumn. On Wednesday in Potsdam, he thought it was possible for the building in Grünheide near Berlin to proceed through further preliminary approvals until then, even though all the green light for environmental law is pending.

“In the event that everything is picofine at the point, I would not rule out that something of the shell (…) can already be clearly seen at the point,” said Steinbach in the State Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee. He rejected the request for a construction freeze.

The minister said that, in principle, he did not only see the approval of the Federal Immission Control Act as given, but that it could be represented even better than before. Tesla has reduced the planned water consumption at the top by a third, because the painting of plastic components should be done in a different place.

Opposition in the state parliament sharply criticizes the Tesla project

He also defended tests for so-called pile drilling. This means that piles are driven into the earth. In this way, the load of a building is to be distributed to lower, stable layers of earth. With a view to Tesla’s initial stake tests without approval, he conceded: “Now they are getting a corresponding order procedure and have to pay a fine there.”

The opposition sharply criticized the handling of the project. The AfD called for a freeze on construction. The left faction demanded more transparency from Tesla. The free voters criticized the fact that construction would take place without a final permit. The company plans to produce up to around 500,000 electric cars a year in Grünheide next year.

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