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Significantly more funding applications to replace old heating systems

In order to create new jobs in the coal region, the federal government has opened a new authority in Upper Lusatia. It is responsible for an important support program from which house owners in particular benefit. The demand for it is increasing.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) has received significantly more funding applications to replace old heating systems. According to the authority, around 47,500 applications were submitted in the first quarter. This corresponds to an increase of 164 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

The program promotes the exchange of old heating systems in favor of climate-friendly alternatives. It was significantly expanded as part of the federal government’s climate protection program.

A substantial part of the applications for the funding program are processed in the new Bafa branch in WeiƟwasser in Upper Lusatia (Saxony). It was officially opened on Monday. The branch with a target size of more than 100 employees has already started its work.

Thousands of jobs in the coal region

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) spoke of an important signal for the region at a video conference with a view of the new Bafa branch in Upper Lusatia. The federal government kept its word on the promise to create thousands of new jobs in the coal regions through the settlement of new authorities.

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) said the move to the new branch office was a great success for the city and Lusatia. The federal authority creates many new jobs and thus permanently strengthens purchasing power in the entire region.

Coal phase out by 2038

In the course of the planned coal phase-out, the new branch office will also be responsible for the planned adjustment allowance for employees of the lignite fields. Germany is expected to phase out coal-fired power generation by 2038 at the latest.

Altmaier made it clear that two central laws to phase out coal should be passed by the Bundestag by the summer break. It is about a law on structural aid for the coal regions and a law with a precise timetable for the coal phase-out.

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