Share Tip of the Week: Prosus

Naspers CEO Bob Van Dijk at the Prosus IPO on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange
Naspers CEO Bob Van Dijk at the Prosus IPO on the Amsterdam Stock ExchangeGetty Images

The technology holding company Prosus almost rose to the Euro Stoxx 50 on June 22. Until recently, it had looked as if the title could make a “Fast Entry” into the index. However, after soaring to a record high of EUR 84.08, the paper fell back significantly. But postponed is not canceled. At the next regular review in September, when the “softer” criteria are much easier to meet, Prosus will hardly be able to take a place in the Euro Stoxx 50.

The group has not only been listed in Johannesburg since September last year, but also on Euronext in Amsterdam. The company was split off from the South African media and internet group Naspers, which still holds a 72.5 percent stake in Prosus. As a result, Naspers had brought its stakes in Internet companies such as Delivery Hero or Tencent to the stock exchange via Prosus. These are the current number one course driver, as they are seen as profiting from the corona crisis.

The upcoming index rise should provide positive price impulses. Risk-conscious investors should position themselves in advance to benefit from it.

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