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Fintech “Bank of the Censorship” – customer uprising at Bunq

On Reddit, Bunq is accused of censoring critical postsPR

Bunq wanted to do everything right: Together – that’s the name of the company’s forum, which offers a banking app with a credit card. “Together”, users from the Bunq community should discuss which feature they would like to see next, but also what is going wrong. When the start-up presents a new app version, it stages the Dutch fintech as an event. The company does not communicate how many customers Bunq has, according to the estimation tool Priori Data, the app has a total of around 1.6 million downloads. Since its launch in 2015, the smartphone bank has been regarded as a company that binds its users particularly closely – and the search for contacts has been well received by customers in the past.

But this close relationship has just gotten a huge crack. For several days, bank customers have been increasingly dissatisfied, upset. The background: Bunq employees are said to have closed several forums and deleted critical comments, as shown by screenshots, dead links and the reports of angry users.

This affects not only the Together forum, but also posts on Reddit. Bunq employees are also said to have removed critical posts from the social network. Until other moderators who do not work for the company intervened. Through various channels such as Facebook, Reddit and in a Telegram group, the former fans express their disappointment – and are considering switching banks. It is a lesson in how a fintech with many fans is squandering its lead.

How could it possibly come this far? You can read the full story of the conflict today on Finance Forward, the new finance portal from and OMR. You can register for the daily newsletter here.


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