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4-digit growth in terms of rates: 50 USD placed today will earn you at least 500 USD and, 1,000 USD of investment will earn you at least 10,000 USD. No, this is not the latest ad for yet another bank savings plan with profitable mini rates, but growth forecasts of 5 altcoins which should explode alongside Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin at 150,000 USD

Bitcoin is less than half of its historic ATH at $ 20,000, currently trading at around USD 9,440 and, repeatedly failing in 2020, to consolidate above USD 10,000.

The co-founder of Blockfyre, Simon Dedic, located Bitcoin at the level of 150,000 USD during the next bull run, thus providing an approximate increase of 1,440%.

Bitcoin would range from $ 100,000 to $ 400,000 in the range of 2021 and the next 5 years. This roadmap of Bitcoin even put forward the idea of ​​1 satoshi = 1 dollar within 10 years.

They will run alongside the BTC

Dedic plans 5 altcoins which should also experience a bull run alongside Bitcoin : theEther ((ETH), the Tezos ((XTZ), the Chainlink ((LINK), the Binance Coin ((BNB) and the VeChainThor ((VET).

TheETH being the core of the Challenge, many cryptophiles expect it to outperform Bitcoin, which was already the case in 2017 when theETH had registered a gain of 3,650%. TheETH could peak as high as 9000 USD in the next bullish phase.

Dedic anticipates a larger increase for the XTZ and the LINK, respective gains of around 6,723% and 4,455%. The BNB could also prove itself with an increase of around 2,840%. The VET would win the jackpot with one more increase 13,000% thus reaching a price of 1 USD.

Little crypto investment lesson: you have to bet on the cryptos which have the best risk / reward ratio and not necessarily the crypto which trades at a high price – without wanting to dissuade you from buying Bitcoin. The “small” at 0.008 USD could very well make your fortune compared to a “larger” at 50 USD or 100 USD.


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