Bayer: Share appears to be significantly undervalued

At Bayer, a lot has only turned a few points. Investors wanted to know when the glyphosate issue would end and how much it would ultimately cost. Everything else moved into the background. Media reports meanwhile that there could be a comparison between plaintiffs and Bayer in the glyphosate case, which should cost around $ 10 billion.

Bayer’s cash flow is likely to be more than strong enough to withstand such a sum. As a result, analysts can turn to fundamentals again. It is striking that the pharmaceutical business will not be hit as much by possible generics as some thought.

For UBS analysts, the buy recommendation for Bayer shares remains the same. The target price remains at 110.00 euros.

No matter which valuation method the experts use, they always calculate a clear upside potential for the Leverkusen title.

Bayer shares are listed at 67.10 euros in the afternoon. That is a minus of 0.2 percent.


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