STS Group share: a very important buy signal – chart analysis

After the previous low price decline, the situation for the STS Group share has improved noticeably in the past few weeks. An upward trend has meanwhile developed in the short term. As part of this, the STS Group’s share price has more than doubled in value since mid-March from EUR 2.05 to EUR 4.18, which is achieved today. Today’s price increase also gives rise to a new chart-technical buy signal: The STS Group share climbs over the various obstacles in the important signal zone between EUR 3.90 / 3.91 and EUR 3.98 / 4.02. Smaller hurdles nearby at 4.08 / 4.15 euros have also been skipped.

In terms of chart technology, this would set the course for possible further profits for the STS Group share. The next high technical hurdles for the share certificate of the vehicle supplier are around 4.60 / 4.70 euros. However, the recovery also brings with it dangers of possible profit taking, even if none of it is currently visible. In such a scenario, overcome technical resistance marks become the first support for the STS Group share – this applies above all to the zone above EUR 3.90.

Important technical chart data on the STS Group share:

Last share price: 4.18 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Charting trends:

While the overall downward trend is still intact, the STS Group share has now recovered noticeably from the Corona crash in two stages. There is an intact upward trend in the short term.

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 2.75 euros / 4.05 euros
EMA 20: 3.40 euros
EMA 50: 3.42 euros
EMA 200: 4.87 euros


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