BioNTech share: be careful, something should soon happen here – chart analysis

Yesterday’s trading in the BioNTech share on the US stock exchange NASDAQ ended – especially with regard to the overall market – very conciliatory, also from a technical point of view. After the biotech share dropped to $ 47.07 during the day, the Mainz company’s share price ended trading at $ 48.60 with a daily gain of more than 2.5 percent. Technically, it is striking that, on the one hand, a medium-term upward trend can be confirmed, and on the other hand, a support zone above $ 46.30 can defend itself stably against bearish attacks on the BioNTech share.

After yesterday’s good financing news from BioNTech Despite this development, the technical situation for the BioNTech share is not yet bullish again. The signals with the confirmation of the chart technical support mentioned speak for rising prices, but so far there has been no exemption from the biotech value.

A look at the chart technical signal zones nearby shows a – based on the usual volatility of BioNTech shares – only a narrow trading range. At $ 46.30 / 46.55 and $ 44.36 / 45.08, as well as $ 43.00 / 43.66, there are three support marks in quick succession. In addition, there is the upward trend and the lower Bollinger band at $ 44.68. The first chart-related hurdles for BioNTech shares arise in the zone from $ 52.12 to $ 53.00 / $ 53.21 to $ 54.20. Breaks from these brands set pro-cyclical signals for the biotech share that could well become stronger impulses for trading.

Then there is the fundamental situation: Mainz is currently testing vaccine candidates against the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of the rampant Covid-19 pandemic. Depending on how the clinical studies turn out, the massive price movement potential for the BioNTech share will have!

Important technical chart data for the BioNTech share:

Last share price: $ 48.60 (Stock Exchange: NASDAQ – USA)
Charting trends:

After turbulent weeks during the Corona crisis, a sideways movement in the BioNTech share between $ 53 and $ 58 recently dominated the situation. A flatter medium-term upward trend is still intact.

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): $ 44.68 / $ 56.05
EMA 20: $ 50.37
EMA 50: $ 48.13
EMA 200:

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