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VOICE should recruit Donald Trump to test the effectiveness of its anti-Fake News system. While the US President argues with Twitter for his 2 Fake News pinned by the social network, VOICE continues to speak on Twitter – you need a network to launch another – to announce a precise and symbolic launch date.

Independent VOICE

February 2020, successfully performs a beta test of its decentralized social network VOICE. The team initially announced an official launch in the fall.

The Voice CEO, Salah Zalatimo, recently announced on Twitter that a public Beta version of the decentralized blockchain-based social network EOS, would be available in July 2020, more precisely on July 4, 2020 – God bless America and Voice, will Independence Day also be the day of the liberation of Internet users, from the influence and control of their personal data by centralized social networks?

In his tweet, Zalatimo do not hide his ambition to compete with big names like Facebook.

A transparent VOICE

Zalatimo claims that the model on which traditional social networks are based leads to information manipulation, which creates a pernicious business environment.

VOICE describes itself as a transparent system for the creation and dissemination of content. Contributors will be paid by tokens, not by the likes of traditional social networks – we don’t live with likes and fresh water.

The project has had a solid financial base since its inception: an ICO that had lasted almost a year, had raised nearly $ 4 billion; had also released $ 150 million to finance the operations of the platform.

Despite its success, the social network has been the subject of criticism, in particular with regard to its privacy protection system: the registration process on VOICE requires the communication of detailed personal information, a formality that justifies as necessary for the prevention of crime.

Registration is on demand until August 15, 2020; from this date, network members will be able to issue new invitations.

What roles will VOICE play in the next US election? Is the platform too young to have any weight in this important election for the United States and for the world? Independence Day could therefore see the birth of a social network carrying the voice of freedom.

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