ThyssenKrupp stock: An important factor behind today’s price jump – chart analysis

In today’s XETRA trading, the ThyssenKrupp share makes a comeback that is remarkable in terms of chart technology. Previously, the steel and technology group’s share price had dropped from a recovery high after the corona crash at 7,942 euros to just 6,372 euros today. In the meantime, however, the share price rose to EUR 7.22, the previous high for the day, and is up in the afternoon at EUR 7.18, up 11.35 percent.

However, this recovery movement does not come from the technical point of view of the chart – on the contrary: the signal zone between EUR 6.122 and EUR 6.468 plays a decisive role here. The ThyssenKrupp share recorded three striking interim highs in this brand in the last few weeks after the crash at the Corona crash low of EUR 3.28. It was only at the beginning of June that ThyssenKrupp’s share price managed to overcome this increasingly stronger and more important area of ​​resistance. The fact that the ThyssenKrupp share bounces upwards after a pullback at the zone can therefore be categorized as a bullish chart impulse for the MDAX value – a decisive reason for the strong price increase in today’s trading.

While the zone between EUR 6.12 / 6.25 and EUR 6.37 / 6.47 remains strong technical support for the ThyssenKrupp share, the chart of the stock between EUR 7.60 and EUR 7.890 / 7.942 contains the next Hidnernis brands .

Important technical data on the ThyssenKrupp share:

Last share price: 7.18 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Charting trends:

After the recovery from the Corona crash low at 3.28 euros in two phases to 7.890 / 7.942 euros, the last few days were characterized by profit taking. The associated pullback may currently be bullishly resolved.

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 4,384 euros / 7,980 euros
EMA 20: 6.183 euros
EMA 50: 6.184 euros
EMA 200:8.878 euros


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