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The Liquid Network is a sidechain built on the Bitcoin network that was initiated by Blockstream to improve the performance of the platform. The goal was to significantly reduce the time taken to complete a bitcoin transaction between businesses and individuals. This year Blockstream has decided to accelerate the development of Sidechain. The structure therefore launched the Liquid Ventures initiative especially by reaching out to many investors. Here we offer a presentation of the initiative and what it intends to achieve as objectives.

What is the Liquid Ventures initiative?

This is an initiative which aims to promote the development of the basic Liquid Network ecosystem. She puts for that in relation to Liquid’s promising projects with investors with an interest in bitcoin and who want to get involved in its main Sidechain. Different investors find themselves linked to this initiative, namely 15 venture capital structures, but also angel investors.

The blog article by Blockstream cites in particular: Nogle, Seven Seas VC, Blockchain, Castle Island Ventures, DG Lab Fund, Electric, Fulgur Ventures, Lemniscap, Proof of and Stillmark. The total amount of commitments that will be collected in favor of the initiative thus amounts to $ 5 million. It is then planned to organize Liquid Demo Days to the start-ups selected so that they can benefit from this funding. But before that, Blockstream promises of their provide the necessary technical support and operational advice before facing the investors.

Liquid Demo Days every quarter

The first day of these demonstration sessions was held on May 18 by videoconference and enabled the presentation of four projects. These were the projects of Condensat Technologies, Pixelmatic, SettleBit and SatoshiGames s Games. In its presentation, Condensat Technologies discussed the use of the asset issuance features of Liquid for provide asset management and banking infrastructure. As for the game studio project Pixelmatic, he uses Liquid for issue a portable currency in its games as well as a security token which will be registered with the SEC. This will allowassign participation rights to token holders.

Regarding the project of SettleBit, he uses Liquid Network for processing of rapid settlements through a standardized settlement network between digital goods custodians. Other such days are planned to be held quarterly to allow other projects to take advantage of this opportunity. The second session of Liquid Demo Days is therefore scheduled to take place on August 10.

Pending the session for which project applications are underway, Blockstream has invited other investors to come forward. The company thus hopes to provide the various project leaders with the necessary means to promote the sidechain.

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