Applications 5 tips for the first sentence in the application letter

# 1 Don’t overdo it

The first sentence in the application letter should set the candidate apart from the competition. This quickly leads to great emotions. But they just fizzle out because so many applicants use them. The job platform Glassdoor warns in a blog post: “’ With great pleasure ’or ‘with a lot of curiosity’ – many application letters are teeming with such entry-level sentences. And they sound so used up that unfortunately they are often sorted out immediately: with a standard cancellation letter full of empty phrases. “

# 2 Too sober

Dust-dry isn’t a solution either. According to the article, anyone who lists the obvious in the first sentence of the cover letter also missed an opportunity: “It is as clear that you ‘apply with your letter’ as ‘that you are very interested in the position’ – otherwise you would do not apply. And where and when you read the job advertisement should not be in the subject line, if at all, in the first sentence. “

# 3 Be careful with humor in the application letter

Applicants convince with personality. Jokes in the application letter should still be avoided. “The percentage of recruiters who want to laugh out loud when reading application documents is much lower than you think,” said Glassdoor. Jokes like this should therefore be avoided: “I think you’ve been waiting for weeks for an application that convinces you. Here is one. My.”

# 4 Specific addressee

Playing it safe is quickly the way to the side when you write a letter. According to Glassdoor, anyone who starts the application with “Dear Sir or Madam,” shows that he has not bothered to find the right contact person. The experts advise: “If, despite all efforts, you are unable to determine the correct person, it helps to name the managing director first, followed by ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.”

# 5 Simply leave off when you write to me

Many companies now do without a cover letter and prefer to concentrate on the CV of the applicants. You can get similar advice from Glassdoor if the candidate does not want to come up with anything suitable for starting the cover letter: “Then your cover letter begins with ‘after my studies as xy’ or ‘after my job as xy’ or with ‘as a graduate dipl . -Economist … ‘. Business economists or natural scientists would not expect creative excellence when writing to them, especially if their qualifications are right. “It is often enough if the cover letter has a clear structure, is error-free and conclusive in terms of content,” the experts reassure.

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