Spar comes with an even smaller store

The first city small shop has just opened on the Bakkerstraat in Utrecht.

‘More and more Dutch people – the Millennials in particular – only decide at the last minute what they eat, how they want to eat and where they do it. These consumers live and work mainly in the inner cities. They spend a lot of time outdoors and choose their eating times when they are hungry. The Millennials are increasingly moving towards six eating moments per day instead of the traditional three and eating more according to the needs of cravings / nutrients. Instead of an evening meal at 6 p.m., they have a small meal at 5 p.m. and a small meal after 8 p.m. after exercise, ‘explains the retailer. insight on which the new formula is based.

Fully stocked refrigerator, outdoor kitchen
According to Spar, the new Spar city small concept is ‘your well-stocked refrigerator, your outdoor kitchen, which you can relieve with smart and healthy solutions.’ The range is more in line with the rhythm of the younger consumer. It is aimed at consuming directly or just heating up. ‘The’ Ultra Tasty range ‘is presented at the front of the store. This range covers the different eating times during the day, from breakfast to meal including the snack in between. For example, the new concept sells breakfast yogurt, fresh sushi, various salads, ultra-tasty meals, but also hot boxes. The Hotboxes are hot meals between 250 and 270 grams and perfect for eating before or after exercise. ‘

Welcome to Spar city small
Spar city small is small but compact. The 80m² retail area aims to be clearly arranged per eating moment, so that consumers can do their shopping efficiently and quickly. In addition, the store is equipped with full self-scan checkouts, guaranteeing speed and convenience. It can be seen as an answer to the successful AH to Go’s, Mini Dirks and Jumbo City’s, but in their own style.

Spar: King of Convenience
The development of the city small format fits within the future vision of Spar to be big in small shops, the retail chain reports. John van der Ent, general manager Spar Netherlands: ‘With Spar city small, we show that we can also make a nice convenience proposition on a smaller number of square meters. In the consumer’s eating needs, the need for convenience is only increasing. It has to be fresher, ultra-fresh, more innovative, more surprising and above all: convenience, convenience, convenience, preferably fast. Convenience will not disappear in times of corona, but will require recalibration on many fronts within the food and retail landscape. A journey we have every confidence in. “

Spar is aiming for a rapid expansion with this store: a Spar convenience store on every street corner in the major inner cities of the Netherlands.
(PvWK, source and image: Spar)

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