Ranking Most billionaires live in these cities

The US business magazine Forbes had to remove 58 billionaires from its billionaires list compared to the previous year. The wealth of the world’s richest people has also decreased by almost a tenth – around $ 700 billion – to $ 8 trillion compared to the previous year.

In the ten favorite metropolises of the super-rich, however, the decline should hardly be noticed. Because many of them – although only a few – have newcomers. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of all billionaires – and thus more than a quarter of the total wealth of all billionaires worldwide – are concentrated in ten cities. The first four in the Forbes ranking of cities with the most billionaires recorded 228 super-rich.

While a large part of the metropolises had been one of the favorite places of residence of the richest in the world in previous years, the current ranking also includes a newcomer. The Korean capital Seoul, which was recently in ninth place, has to leave the ranking this year. It has counted ten billionaires less than last year. These cities, on the other hand, attract a particularly large number of super-rich people:

Most of the billionaires live in these ten cities


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