Wirecard: A certain conspicuousness

At the weekend, the search by the Munich public prosecutor’s office at Wirecard and the allegation of market manipulation against the group’s executive boards caused a sensation. There is currently no news about this issue. Rather, Wirecard reports on one aspect that regularly appears among the southern Germans: the ongoing share buyback program.

Wirecard has been buying back its own shares on the market since November. The state of affairs has now been reported in 24 messages. The latest announcement relates to the period from May 29 to June 8. The long Pentecost weekend falls in this period. However, it is striking that Wirecard only made purchases on two days, namely on May 29 and June 2. After that, you held back on purchases. It is somewhat unusual. In previous reports, Wirecard had made purchases almost every day. The searches at Wirecard took place on June 5.

The volume is correspondingly low this time. The company acquired 30,353 treasury shares. The daily average prices for purchases were EUR 91.96 and EUR 95.38, respectively. The buybacks have a volume of EUR 2.842 million.

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