Sweet Earth CBD wins NFL heroes as brand ambassadors

The CBD society Sweet Earth Holdings (WKN A2P5B3 / CSE SE) starts up marketing activities: As the company reports brand new, one of the great NFL heroes could be won over as the brand spokesman for the Sweet Earth products!

As we previously reported, Sweet Earth also has a full line of men’s grooming products that include a tincture that promotes muscle regeneration and is popular with both professional athletes and regular athletes, the company says. So a product behind which the former quarterback Warren Moon, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame of both the CFL and the NFL, should really stand!

Warren Moon; Photo: Sweet Earth

Especially since CBD (cannabidiol) is widely recognized as effective against pain and inflammation. A review of 132 original 2018 studies published in Frontiers in Neurology also shows that CBD can help reduce and improve muscle pain.

Sweet Earth’s “CBD Muscle Recovery Rub” can be used both after and before training on the sports field, in the gym, on the field or in the pool. According to Sweet Earth, the product can naturally improve performance and improve concentration.

CBD Muscle Recovery Rub; Photo: Sweet Earth

Warren Moon is the first African American quarterback to be honored for inclusion in the CFL and NFL Hall of Fame and continues to work with the Seattle Seahawks and several NFL players. He played for six years in the CFL and 17 seasons in the NFL and was named 9 Pro-Bowls, 2x Passing Yards Leader, NFL Offensive Player of the Year (1990) and NFL Man of the Year (1989). A suitable brand ambassador for Sweet Earth, who also attests to the effectiveness of the company’s CBD products (see press release)!

It is good to see that Sweet Earth is working to increase awareness, particularly in the United States, but also in Canada. We hope that these and possibly other measures in this regard will also be reflected in the company’s sales. We will continue to report.

We also point out again that the cannabis / hemp sector is characterized by high volatility and risks and that strong price swings are possible. Investors should therefore think carefully about when to start and ensure their positions – for example with stop-loss orders.

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