Sectors 7 million articles unpacked

The online platform started in 2019 with the deletion of the recognizable box with 3.5 million articles. It is expected that 7 million articles will no longer be packed for shipment in 2020. will only pack an article as sustainably as possible when it is really necessary, for example for the protection of the article. Currently, approximately 20 percent of’s total CO2 emissions come from packaging. saves a lot on packaging material

“For sustainability reasons, we don’t want to send unnecessary packaging,” explains Jori Ebskamp, ​​CSR lead at “And the same goes for the filling material that goes into those cardboard boxes. That is why in 2019 we started to no longer pack items such as fans, deep fryers, irons, printers, coffee makers and diapers. The own packaging of these items is sturdy enough for transport from our warehouse to the front door of the customer. We only stick a shipping label on that. “ aims for climate-neutral shopping by 2025, which means that the direct footprint will be reduced to 0 grams of CO2 emissions per package. By scrapping the shipping box as much as possible, according to the company, this ambition is one step closer.


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