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Russia’s oligarchs are also not immune. The wealth of the country’s ten richest people has declined by $ 27 billion to $ 152 billion in one year, according to Forbes. So they are in good company. As of March 18, 2020, every second billionaire on the “Forbes” realm list worldwide was “poorer” than a year earlier. According to the US magazine, the Russian super-rich have been hit by the oil war with Saudi Arabia, the weak ruble and the first effects of the corona crisis. In addition, there is currently a natural disaster beyond the Arctic Circle. Nevertheless, the following applies: wealth is more crisis-proof in Russia than in other parts of the world.

Russian billionaires are super rich

There is a new richest man in Russia. However, according to the “Forbes” analysis, none of the ten leaders had to vacate their place in the leaderboard. The comparison with the United States shows that Vladimir Putin’s empire ticks differently. The United States currently has 614 billionaires, according to Forbes. Russia has only 99 super rich people. In the United States, there are one billionaire for every 500,000 people. In Russia, it is a billionaire per 1.5 million inhabitants. Russian tycoons are rarely sown, but they are far more wealthy. While each US super-rich has an average of just under $ 5 billion, the Russians have almost $ 40 billion.

The richest men in the US made their money with innovations and the purchasing power of the population. In Russia, mineral resources and good relations with the Kremlin are the way to the top. And while the list of German super-rich is dominated by heirs, all tycoons of the Russian Federation founded in 1990 are self-made billionaires.

These are the ten richest men in Russia:

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