ABO Wind speaks of a successful year

In 2019, the total output of ABO Wind will drop from 150.0 million euros to 149.3 million euros. Sales decrease from 150.0 million euros to 126.3 million euros. EBIT is down from EUR 23.1 million to EUR 19.7 million. The profit in 2019 stood at 11.4 million euros (previous year: 12.7 million euros).

ABO Wind speaks of a successful business year. Germany remains the most important market. In total, sales were generated in ten countries.

CEO Andreas Höllinger is optimistic about the future: “Due to the numerous projects that we are currently working on in 16 countries on four continents, we see good conditions for many more successful business years.”

But it is also clear that the current pandemic will result in delays in many projects. That doesn’t make a forecast for 2020 any easier. However, the company does not see any problems in substance. The result should probably be at least at the level of 2019. But you don’t want to rule out an increase either.

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