New sampling concept via web shops

Director Pierluigi Jorritsma explains: “It is a formula that combines the targeting of online marketing with the impact of a sampling campaign and thus gives brands the highest possible market conversion.”

According to Jorritsma, the online sampling principle links brands to webshops that can facilitate the ideal sales market for their product.

The brand takes advantage of the orders from the webshop and realizes 100% visibility for a specific target group, because nobody throws away a package that they have ordered themselves.

Jorritsma: “Where a brand with an offline sampling campaign increases the risk of waste, it is now able to differentiate the target group into specific categories such as age, interest or gender. The moment of visibility can also be a differentiation. Think of a car brand that distributes samples via webshops with baby products, based on the idea that most new cars will be purchased when there is a family extension. “


According to Jorritsma, they know exactly via which online networks a target group can be reached or can facilitate a moment of experience. “This creates an interesting platform that offers the benefits of an omnichannel marketing strategy. An offline experience enhanced by online channels. The conversion resulting from an online sampling campaign is of course higher than with an offline campaign. An experience is worth more if it is linked to the right person or the right time. ”

The conversion resulting from an online sampling campaign is of course higher than with an offline campaign.

Just as with an offline sampling campaign, the (offline) experience is central, but the value of this experience is increased by targeted use of online networks. Jorritsma: “It is essential for brands to create an experience with the customer. Only when you experience a product, you are activated to buy the product. A webshop is also part of the experience; the experience of unpacking a package. Online sampling is able to make the (offline) experience even more valuable for both the brand and the webshop. “

The online network now consists of 2,000 webshops, including (with 700 webshops under it),, and New webshops are added to this every day.

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