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We shared with you the best wallets for EOS. But a wallet without a token doesn’t really make sense, unless it’s a GUCCI wallet you’ll show off to impress your friends and family – Editor’s note: this article is not sponsored by the brand. A mini guide to creating an EOS token: enough to demystify the process, you will see that in the end it is not rocket science! It’s no longer a cooking story, unless I’m hungry.

Even if it means learning something, it’s better to choose the right teacher! In an article published on April 11, 2020 on the site The Cryptomonist, Alfredo de Candiaauthor of the book Mastering EOS: Practical Guide for Beginners and Advanced – details the elements and steps necessary to create an EOS token.

For your preparation, you will need:

  • of an account EOS with at least 20 EOS distributed between CPU and RAM: rest assured! During the current EOS, 20 EOS will cost you less than $ 50;
  • of a Scatter wallet ;
  • to install theEOS Studio and a Docker.

Now that you have all the ingredients to create your EOS token, room for preparation.

Start by launching Scatter and EOS Studio, by setting up the mainnet or the testnet network.

Then, beat the eggs create a project; Alfredo de Candia uses the model in its guide eosio.token, already containing all the codes necessary to properly perform this operation.

You can now link an account to EOS Studio. The next step is to click on the symbol of the Docker and select the account to which the smart contract of the new token will be linked.

Then click on the account to view all the details of the smart contract. Click on the “create” button – see the picture below. Enter the data of the tokens to be created – ticker, maximum offer and, the account which will carry out the transactions.

Once it’s done, it’s ready! You can now see the transactions on ” EOS CAFE BLOCK and HIKEOS “- or using another block explorer.

What conclusion for a guide? Well, follow the steps and try! Do not be discouraged because you cannot find this or that element. Stay calm and you will not be disappointed dish result.

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