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Here, apartments are the most expensive in Germany

The consequences of the Corona crisis on the real estate market have yet to be seen. For 2019, however, one thing is certain: The purchase prices for apartments in Germany will continue to rise. From 2018 to 2019, they increased nationwide adjusted for inflation by 9.3 percent, as the “Postbank Housing Atlas 2020” found. This means that the plus of the previous year could still be exceeded. Only in a few regions in Germany could buyers hope for at least constant prices. “In 2019, more than 90 percent of all German counties and independent cities recorded an increase in purchase prices,” the report said.

Apartments are becoming more expensive

“Low interest rates, high demand and a scarce supply – these were the most important price drivers in the real estate market in 2019,” explained Eva Grunwald, head of real estate business at Postbank. It had little hope for buyers. “There is currently no sign of a turnaround in most regions of Germany,” said Grundwald. The residential atlas was presented on April 6th.

Home ownership is becoming increasingly expensive in Germany. However, the growth in the most coveted cities is very different. In some, they are well below the national average. In others, buyers have to cope with double-digit growth rates. But just beyond the metropolises and bacon belts there are the biggest price jumps of up to 50 percent.

Condominiums are the most expensive in these cities and regions:

Real estate compass

Real estate compass

Current Property prices and detailed maps for all residential areas in Germany you will find in the real estate compass:


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