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A little Libra ( ) in your FB ads: would advertisers no longer need to link their bank card to their advertising account to pay Facebook? Crypto to pay for ads: this is an innovation – a revolution I don’t think. When will a blockchain to assess the truthfulness or falsehood of ads? Well, it doesn’t make that much money so it’s not important !

On today’s agenda !

The launch of Libra was discussed at the annual shareholders’ meeting of Facebook, May 27, 2020.

Libra is supposed to make it easier for advertisers, who should pay “more” for this improved online payment functionality.

Mark zuckerberg believes that“Sending money should be as simple as sending a photo”.

We will recall that Facebook mainly remunerates on its advertising revenues – 98% of its turnover, or approximately $ 69.6 billion, in 2019.

Facebook advertisers are prized for the precision of its targeting, thanks to the mass of behavioral data that the platform collects.

Zuckerberg blows hot and cold

Some shareholders are not very warm about Libra but, are they free to choose? Given the weight of Zuckerberg in Facebook, it is unlikely that their reluctance would have any impact on the progress of the project.

Libra had to revise its copy by publishing a new White Paper to convince the regulatory authorities; Libra had to abandon its ambition to become a real currency. Subsequently, regulatory procedures were carried out in Swiss, certainly in the hope that the situation will be resolved.

Mark zuckerberg had made his speech at the start of the year talking about the next 10 years, without saying a word about Libra, as if the name of its crypto – yes it’s its crypto, you doubted it? – was a taboo word.

Contrary to what the content of this speech would suggest, Zuck intends to set up Libra in the cryptocurrency landscape for the next decade.

Who will really benefit Libra? To advertisers who will encounter fewer obstacles, difficulties in terms of online payment? Facebook who will find a way to gain more fat thanks to this innovation? And the users in all this: the forgotten ones, the stuffing turkeys, the cash cow? You have a wide choice...And if not, you can also take note of the project which intends to rebalance a little the equation of publicity and influence.

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