Stock market wisdom, now different with Corona

This time the old saying “sell in May and go away” was not correct. June could also go differently than it usually does.

Had you been a seller on the stock exchange in May, a major recovery would have been missed. In general, May and June are rather weak months on the stock exchange. In May the DAX was able to gain almost nine percent. June, the second weakest month on average, could develop differently this year.

The price of gold has been rising for a year, and in euros it has been a whopping 34 percent in the past twelve months. At the end of May 2019, only 1,161 euros per ounce of gold had to be shelled. How the gold price continues depends on the development of the Covil 19 crisis and the smoldering trade conflict between the United States and China. Especially in the age of inflation worries, the unchecked increase in money supply and the fear of recession, many investors are increasingly turning to gold, which is stable in value.

Apart from the fall in prices in March, the gold mining companies have held up very well throughout. More and more investments and financing will now move even the not so big ones in the industry, because new mines and exploration successes are in demand. To bet on the gold price with a lever, investing in gold in the ground, i.e. on gold companies with solid projects, is the method of choice.

For example, Maple Gold Mines or Aurania Resources could have a promising future.

Maple gold mines – – owns 100 percent of the Douay gold property in the Abitibi greenstone belt in Quebec. Still open in many directions, a considerable resource has already been identified on the approximately 355 square kilometer project.

Aurania Resources – – focuses particularly on his The Lost Cities -Cutucu project in Ecuador (42 mineral concessions), which promises gold and copper. Aurania is now expanding its exploration work to Peru, as the mineral belt of the project probably extends to the north of Peru.

Current company information and press releases from Maple Gold Mines (- -) and Aurania Resources (- -).

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