Economy & Politics podcast “We do aerosol tests on the roller coaster”

Michael Mack is the managing director of the Europa-Park Rustimago images / Arnulf Hettrich

Europa-Park Rust, Europe’s second largest amusement park, is expecting a serious drop in revenue in the current year given the corona pandemic. Even if operations have resumed since Pentecost, the business is still barely profitable, said Michael Mack, managing partner, in the podcast “The Hour Zero” (, Stern, n-tv). “The fact that equity is shrinking, and that in three-digit million amounts, is of course not nice.” If the company can close 2020 with a black zero, “then we will make three crosses in the church”.

In order to be able to operate the park again, great care is taken to keep the distance between visitors, which should also be helped by a dedicated app for the reservation of rides. The attractions were also tested for the risk of spreading the Corona virus. “We did aerosol tests to accelerate the roller coaster with a fog machine,” said Mack, son of Roland Mack, who had once set up Europa-Park.

Mack, who is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of France, was extremely disappointed with the closure of the borders and, in his view, the lack of trust between the countries of Europe: “I’m a little disappointed with politics,” he said. “The crisis was a huge damage for Europe, and we have a lot to catch up on and rebuild.” It was a shock for him that “so long after the Second World War” the borders in Europe were closed again “.

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