Nokia: Opportunities are improving

Nokia has solved the problems with self-developed chipsets for base stations. That is a positive development. Another strong point for DZ Bank analysts is that the Finns are getting more and more customers outside of the telecommunications sector. 30 new industrial customers were acquired in the first quarter.

Huawei’s problems could have a positive impact on Nokia. Britain wants to reduce Huawei’s influence, which can be an advantage for other companies. Huawei is still critical of the United States.

From the perspective of DZ Bank analysts, Nokia’s opportunity-risk ratio has clearly improved recently. In the software division, profitability increases, the customer base is expanded.

Therefore, the analysts confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Nokia. The target price increases from EUR 3.70 to EUR 4.30.

For the current year, experts continue to expect earnings per share of EUR 0.23. In 2021, the increase should be 0.29 euros (old: 0.28 euros).

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