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Energy prices Gas is the most expensive in these EU countries

Energy is not only a costly matter from a climate protection perspective. German consumers are groaning in 2020 under strongly rising electricity prices. Between February and April, more than 80 suppliers wanted to raise their prices by an average of 8.1 percent, as “” reported, citing the Verivox comparison portal. Check24 spoke of record prices. According to this, 610 out of 834 primary suppliers increased the price of electricity by an average of 5.6 percent.

When it comes to gas, it doesn’t look that dark. But 2019 also had to be paid for here. According to Check24, the costs for households with gas heating rose by 8.3 percent compared to the previous year. “In addition to the cooler spring months in 2019, the higher gas prices are the main reason for the cost increase. On average, gas was around six percent more expensive than in the previous year, ”said the comparison portal.

Climate protection causes gas prices to rise

The price spiral will turn even faster in the future. One reason: the federal government’s climate package with taxes for CO2 emissions from 2021. “With the estimated price of 25 euros per ton of CO2, gas customers with a consumption of 20,000 kWh pay 119 euros more a year, heating oil customers even 158 euros,” calculated Check24 . “The CO2 price is to be increased to 55 euros per ton by 2025. Accordingly, the additional burden of a model household with gas heating would increase to 262 euros per year, with oil heating to 347 euros. ”

It will be seen how Germany compares to other European countries. But at the moment it can be said that gas is even more expensive in the EU. In these European countries, customers pay the highest gas prices:

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