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Henk Menting FFF controller

Under the pressure of COVID-19, the world has changed radically and things we never thought possible were realized in no time. This threat also has its positive side, let’s take these positive elements into the future and use them for a world in which sustainability and social cohesion are central. This new world requires a new road map that will show us the way to perhaps a different destination than the one we were on the way to.

So just before the holiday season the redeeming words of our prime minister: we can go on holiday again! “Travel wisely” was the urgent advice. A ticket to freedom, although with some restrictions. Who would have thought three months ago that going on vacation would not be so obvious?

It is unbelievable how the world has changed in those few months: public opinion was mainly determined by issues such as teacher shortages, climate and environmental measures, all of a sudden it was only about COVID-19 and the profound consequences for health and health care. The economy and society were disrupted by the drastic measures. After all, we had one common task: flatten the curve.

The coronavirus has come as a major enemy, but this enemy, as strange as it may sound at first, also has a positive downside. Because people turned out to be able to convert the limitations and threats of the intelligent lockdown into creativity and innovative ideas. After all, both SMEs and large corporates quickly realized that there is no way back to before the corona crisis.

Then what? How do we guide our company to this “New Normal”, the 1.5 meter economy. Aside from the question of whether or not it will be temporary, it is important to enter into dialogue: What does this new reality mean for our organization and what scenario will we further develop and apply? Can our revenue model still be used or should we organize it differently? With the same number of people or with less and if so, how much less? We need calculation models for a reality that is not yet built into the existing models.

To realize this, not only financial insight but also social, communicative and empathic ability is necessary. And also a central point of contact within the company in which you work. So that the wishes and possibilities of the employees, management and organization can be properly coordinated. There is a clear role there. A role that I think suits you as a financial. Pick it up, I would say, and travel wisely to the new reality.

At our association Financials for Financials we are also working on a new road map and carefully outlining our travel goals. The starting point is that we want to continue to connect with the themes that are currently playing a role in financials, as described above. We will also do more digitally or virtually, but physical meetings will also remain part of our program. Online and close by, but also social, coaching and learning from each other and by giving each other positive energy.

Every week, a professional from our cm: news panel looks back at the most important news of the past week. This week Henk Menting, secretary Financials for Financials, looks ahead.


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