Bitcoin on June 8, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) back in the green today, June 8, 2020: the daily gain is around 2% at the time of writing, with Bitcoin trading at $ 9,678. These last few days have been relatively calm, making us forget the thousand and one blows that Bitcoin had to take; the latter may have kept scars, but it made him strong. Bitcoin has emerged victorious over the battles it has had to fight, but BTC influencers have decided this time to explicitly declare war on those in charge of economic power – with a Pentagon that has already anticipated a Zbellion with Bitcoin as its primary weapon.

Last standing in the ring!

Bitcoin is he worthy to succeed the legendary boxer Rocky balboa, interpreted by a Sylvester Stallone in the famous Hollywood saga, taking blow after blow in the ring, before the music of victory finally sounds?

Plan B tweeted today, recalling all the blows he took Bitcoin after his HAT at the level of 20,000 USD, until today: the launch of contracts BTC CME, the FOMO and the community’s hope for this launch, the start of a crypto winter in 2018, the crackdown onICO by the US government, the BSV Forkwith all the bullshit from Craig Wright while the identity of Nakamoto may already be known since 2013 – and more recently COVID-19.

Each blow gave birth to a big red candle – the most recent being that of Black thursday – But, Bitcoin subsequently emerged stronger, with a recovery marked by a large green candlestick, a size similar to that of its bearish counterpart.

The violence of fiats !

It’s the turn of Max Keizer to call for the purchase of Bitcoins, referring to the police violence suffered George Floyd.

For Keizer, there is no point in attacking police funding – commenting on the many tweets going in this direction – but, that it was necessary to attack directly the funds of the American Federal Reserve (FED), by getting rid of the dollar. #Buy Bitcoin !

Bitcoin will have to take blows and build its neck well to protect its neck and stand in the ring; BTC influencers have decided not to take gloves, to inflict a correction on the dollar and the institutions that support it. Be careful though with the uppercut!


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