Lufthansa: Too much dynamic in the share price

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa have approved the rescue package after the EU has withdrawn its conditions somewhat. However, an extraordinary general meeting on June 25 still has to decide on the capital measures. A protective shield procedure can only be avoided with the rescue package. Its course would be completely open and therefore very risky.

The analysts at Nord LB speak of a hard road ahead of Lufthansa. However, this can lead to a strengthening of the competitive position in the long term. The share price is already anticipating a recovery. At first, this is a little too dynamic for analysts.

The experts rank the shares of Lufthansa according to the latest share price development. As before, the target price for Lufthansa shares is EUR 8.00. The sell recommendation for the Lufthansa share is new. So far there has been a holding rating for the title.

Today the stock exchange advises on the composition of the indices. Lufthansa could fall out of the DAX. Such a “descent” can also affect the course.

Lufthansa shares today lose 1.0 percent to EUR 10.08.


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