Bitcoin on June 6, 2020

4 days without anything special on the Bitcoin (BTC) price: small red candlestick yesterday, June 5, 2020, followed perhaps by a “smaller” green candlestick today, June 6, 2020. Another day of news in the BTC twittosphere with whales moving, Bitcoin support and miners running out of BTC – good for the BTC course? Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,657 at the time of writing.

Poor and Whales

Robert Kyosaki tweeted to comment on the current rise on traditional stock exchanges. Kyosaki remember that you have to invest in what you like and that he bought gold and Bitcoin, when their price is falling: they like gold, silver and Bitcoin even more when the market is bearish.

Speaking of Père Riche and Père Pauvre, the rich are making people talk about them today with a big movement: the Whales made move 17,659 BTC, sending them to Coinbase, Binance and anonymous addresses. Are these big movements going to change the course of the BTC, and getting him out of his routine for the past few days?

These strong and these weak

Data from Glassnode show that transfers of BTC from addresses of minors, fell during the month of May 2020.

The analyst Tuur Demeester tweeted that minors “ in good health »Hold their Bitcoins. Only minors ” weak »Sell their Bitcoins and, they have few – Hyperblock was he a weak miner?

No matter how confused it is, it’s not the impression that Bitcoin gives. We wait, we wait but, provided this long wait does not overcome the patience of the bulls. So now would be the time to buy and you would have to love Bitcoin even more if its price drops. However, not everyone has the same point of view. Whales have moved again, what to shake up the price of BTC in the coming days? Things will surely unlock, the strongest continue to huddle, the weakest will sell. So stay strong!


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