Pompeo is pushing for stricter stock exchange rules

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Image: Reuters

The American Secretary of State apparently wants to enforce stricter rules for Chinese companies going public. The model for this is supposed to be the American technology exchange Nasdaq, which recently tightened its regulations.

DUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is pushing global tightening regulations for Chinese companies to go public, according to Reuters news agency. All trading venues around the world should use the example of the American technology exchange Nasdaq, which decided in May to tighten its rules accordingly, according to comments for a speech by Pompeo that Reuters could see and that of the American chief diplomat is still on Wanted to hold Thursday. Accordingly, Pompeo also plans to warn American investors of allegedly fraudulent accounting practices by companies based in China.

The Nasdaq move came because of concerns about the transparency of Chinese stock exchange candidates and after accounting scandals such as that of Chinese Starbucks competitor Luckin Coffee. The Americans’ tightening action against Chinese companies also falls into a phase of extremely tense political and economic relations between the two largest economies in the world.


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