Intica Systems: Second quarter marks the low

The start of the new Intica Systems fiscal year is considered a successful one. Sales increased by 34.0 percent to EUR 18.3 million in the first quarter. EBITDA rose by 32.0 percent to EUR 2.0 million. The profit was 0.3 million euros, compared to 0.1 million euros in the previous year. The order backlog stands at 112.5 million euros, an increase of 27.8 percent.

In the second quarter, however, Intica should also feel the consequences of the current crisis. The company is also active in the automotive sector, where many manufacturers have stopped their production. After the difficult second quarter, however, there should be a slow improvement again. Many automakers are ramping up production again.

There is currently no concrete forecast for 2020, there are currently too many question marks. A significant decline in sales and earnings cannot be ruled out. SMC Research analysts currently expect sales to decline 11.3 percent.

The experts remain with the “speculative buy” rating for Intica shares. The target price remains unchanged at EUR 8.80.

According to analysts’ calculations, the current year there will be sales of 58.3 million euros, the experts see earnings per share at -0.73 euros. The forecasts for 2021 stand at 70.0 million euros or +0.24 euros.

Intica shares remain unchanged at EUR 6.00.

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