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Aquablu’s mission is to make clean drinking water accessible to everyone, without the use of PET bottles. The company builds smart water purification systems for the consumer market – which can guarantee the quality of drinking water.

“Our city is slowly reviving; the terraces open again and the canals are filled again. Annually about 60,000 kilos of plastic, 700 dead animals and 12,000 bicycles are fished from the water. Although the quality of the canal water is getting better – especially during the lockdown – it has never been drinkable before, ‘says Aquablu,’ Drinking from the canal? A little dirty, but tasty. Aquablu entered the canals and drew water from the Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Prinsengracht. For the occasion, the purification system was installed in a portable holder on a dinghy. The water was pumped out of the canal and purified, mineralized and bottled on the spot. The 50 bottles were distributed to Amsterdammers. Their reactions? “Nice. You wouldn’t say the canal water is”. “

The sustainably bottled bottles are exclusively for sale at the Aquablu webshop (via this link) for a premium price of € 39, – Water full of minerals and Amsterdam spirit, without pollution. Because the systems remove pollution such as bacteria, viruses, hormones and lead from the water. The quality of the water can be guaranteed thanks to the quality guard that the Aquablu systems contain. The smart technology controls the quality of the drinking water and when this cannot be fully guaranteed, not a drop of water comes out of the tap, the brand says.

The water is therefore ‘more special’ than tap water, the packaging is also much more environmentally friendly than PET bottles. There are 650 million plastic bottles of water sold annually, Aquablu calculated, “and the local supermarket nowadays has a wider water range than wine.” The campaign contains an underlying statement. Aquablu wants to show that the best water is local water. Without complicated polluting transport chains and growth of the plastic soup. “Why would you ship bottles from Fiji to Europe when you can drink practically any source of water – if purified – here?” Says Marnix Stokvis, founder of Aquablu.

Aquablu in short
‘Aquablu was started in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs Marnix Stokvis and Marc van Zuylen because the majority of the world population relies on plastic ash as the only source of safe drinking water. Thanks to “smart technology”, Aquablu systems can not only purify every form from fresh water to drinking water, but also provide the company with insight into the quality of the water. “
(source: Aquablu)

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