[column] Disruption in dairy land: the Vegan Cowboys

With this company they focus on the development of a mechanical process to produce dairy from grass without cows.

Dairy from grass, Jaap Korteweg’s innovative dream

The entrepreneurs have taken over a fully equipped laboratory, including staff, on the grounds of the University of Ghent. The Vegan Cowboys want to use this experience to develop new vegetable foods with the same taste as traditional (from cow’s milk) milk, cheese, yogurt and butter.

The researchers will collaborate with scientists to develop the intended process for converting grass into milk proteins via fermentation. The entrepreneurs expect that it will take another seven years before the new imitation dairy products can come on the market.

“The development of a stainless steel cow where grass goes in and milk comes out, without the hassle of animals, is a long-cherished wish of mine,” said Korteweg earlier.

Jaap Korteweg has been dreaming of this for years. He wants to get rid of the cows and livestock farming in the Netherlands and stated in an earlier interview with NRC that he would like to throw the bat into the henhouse. He is happy to hand in cows for nature. Grassland and grassland birds for wilderness. He therefore calls himself the biggest threat to ranchers.

Brand & Marketing

It is striking that the men of the new those Vegan Cowboys, formerly the men of the Vegetarian Butcher, continue to do their utmost to stay as close to cows as possible. Precisely those cows that they are so opposed to with their vegan products and their mission. They remain cowboys …

They will go a long way thanks to the well-filled bag of money from Unilever that they received when selling the Vegetarian Butcher. The men have ambition and claim to be able to match the taste of real dairy.

At the Vegetarian Butcher this did not work very well at the beginning, but that is different nowadays.

Moreover, vegetable dairy is nothing new and was developed and marketed more than 30 years ago by renowned dairy companies such as Frico van Friesland Campina and Westland Kaas. But nowadays other producers are also active with vegan dairy such as Wilmersburger, Violife and Daiya.

Knowing the men, they will undoubtedly try to come up with playful product names that are as close as possible to the dairy product names and that are known to the general public. We will help them on their way, such as: KAAZ, Staple paste, KarnemelluK, Yogudrink, Booter, etc.

Trenta, the cheese that should not be called cheese. (from Westland)

System changer, the stainless steel cow

Those Vegan Cowboys see the development of the stainless steel cow as a logical development within the dairy industry. From hand milking, via the milking machine to the fully automatic milking robot of today.

Machines are already used in livestock farming. In 1992, a Dutchman, the first farmer in the world, milked his cows with a milking robot.

Those Vegan Cowboys’ first commercially available product will be delayed. The founders think it will take seven years before they can make their products from the new process by making milk from grass, without involving a cow. Korteweg speaks of his stainless steel cow. Much is still uncertain, but the ambition is high.

Soon fake dairy from the factory of the Vegan Cowboys.

Unilever on the twine?

Chances are that in a few years time Unilever will be back on the doorstep with the Vegan Cowboys to buy the brand and production after demonstrable acceptance by the consumer because this fits in perfectly with their vegan strategy for the future.

The entrepreneurs Jaap and Niko thus hit a triple: and realize their dream, enjoy good business and afterwards have a nice cash again.

The future? Cow only as a steel bench …

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