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Group7 provides insights to manufacturers and wholesalers to jointly help the sector.

Hospitality and catering will also shrink in turnover after the reopening and relaxation from 1 July 2020. This is evident from a consumer survey of more than 2000 consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium, which was conducted in May by Group7, Bureau for food-commerce. Consumers will go to the catering industry less often and spend less there.

It also becomes clear that the market is still far from recovery. This is evident in the research within the professional panels of Group7. Almost two thirds of the catering industry expect that the business is not profitable with the 1.5 meter guideline.

The corona tracker (survey May 2020 – 288 food service professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium) shows that about half of the restaurants continue to collect after reopening and nearly 1/3 with delivery. Purchasing is also viewed more critically by catering entrepreneurs. For example, about 40% of the catering industry wants to switch from A-brand to cheaper or private label (37% in Belgium, 44% in the Netherlands). In addition, about 20% pay more attention to promotions when purchasing (20% Belgium, 18% Netherlands).

Carolien Plevier (partner Group7): ‘We have daily contact with entrepreneurs, chefs and location managers of catering. We see what they are up to and what their challenges are. Our mission is to translate these challenges into the entire food service sector, wholesalers and suppliers. Only together can we help the sector recover. We are not used to that, everything always went automatically in food service in recent years. By sharing knowledge and developing new skills, Group7 wants to contribute to this recovery. ‘

Group7 therefore comes with the Gro UP7 training program. This will consist of master classes in June, September and October. The first master class can be attended online and free of charge on June 16, 2020. The emphasis will be on successful activation and today’s challenges. In addition, there is a lot of attention for digital marketing and e-commerce, because digital communication has become the “new normal” in the corona era. In the online master class, Group7 provides practical advice and you will learn more about the rest of the training program. By following the online master class you will discover whether the training suits you and you will learn more about the subject.

Group7 has a separate training program especially for management and senior managers with commercial final responsibility in the food service, more focused on digital transformation and strategic agility. These subjects were also chosen on the basis of recent developments in the sector. Followers of Marketing Stand can register for the online master class for free: Superb strategy, increase your strategic agility.
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