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With this company, Trump was already in a clinch

A new actor is now interfering in the dispute between Twitter and US President Donald Trump. The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) interest group has sued the US president. The accusation is that Trump’s decree of Thursday, which should regulate social media more, violates freedom of speech and thus the first additional article of the constitution. The CDT is financially supported by large tech companies, including Google and Facebook, but also by the right-wing think tank “ Research Center”.

Trump’s decision provides for paragraph 230 of the US Telecommunications Act to soften, thereby making social media liable for the content of posts. Paragraph 230 had previously protected online services from this. The US President is thus primarily targeting the short message service Twitter, which previously subjected Trump’s tweets to a fact check and labeled them accordingly.

Trump then accused the online service of censorship – and followed up with the decree. Twitter subjected hundreds of other tweets to a fact check on Thursday. The online service identified a tweet about the protests in Minneapolis as glorifying violence.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has also gotten between the fronts. Last week, he said that social media and his company should not become the “arbiter of truth”. Twitter chief Dorsey countered that Twitter would continue to point out if incorrect or controversial information circulated about online service elections. That doesn’t make them “arbitrators of truth”. Zuckerberg is now also criticized by his employees for his reluctance. Numerous Facebook employees had gone on virtual strike, according to the New York Times.

The argument with Twitter is not Trump’s first confrontation with a company, but one of many. Seven examples:


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