Touristic Netherlands launches ‘Here you should be’ campaign

Jos Vranken, CEO of NBTC: ‘Although we expect that with this relaxation, tourism in the Netherlands will slowly get going again, but it is expected that this year, 24.5 million fewer tourists from the Netherlands and abroad will come to the Netherlands as a result of the corona crisis, according to recent NBTC research. The fact remains that the tourism sector is hit hard by the corona crisis. Hence, in parallel to the deployment of acute support measures, the tourist industry in the Netherlands is now launching the ‘Here you must be’ information campaign, which points to the many diverse and safe forms of tourism in our country. Because the Dutch want nothing more than to go out again, but then safely. Our own country offers plenty of options, such as a week out, a weekend away, a city trip, a day of hiking or kite surfing. Under this motto, we want to inspire Germans and Belgians in addition to Dutch people for such a safe holiday in the Netherlands. “

NBTC: You don’t have to go “there”, you will find it all “here”

According to Vranken, ‘Here you have to be’ inspires tourist entrepreneurs and marketers in the first instance to discover beautiful unknown places in the Netherlands and to choose ‘here’ a little more often in the future. Vranken: “Here in this country, here in this region, here in this place. But we also want to reach tourists from Germany and BelgiumĖˆ, because the relaxation of the current corona measures ensures that Germans and Belgians again dare to plan holidays to the Netherlands. For them, the Netherlands is one of the most important holiday destinations for a short holiday. More than 40 percent of all foreign tourists who come to the Netherlands come from our neighboring countries. “

#HereShouldYou Be

“This is the perfect time to make the Dutch enthusiastic about our own country. “Here you have to be” is the mantra of an enthusiastic campaign and makes necessity a great virtue: what started as a limitation of travel is now a discovery of the wealth of our “Here”. That is why we came up with this campaign “You should be here” on behalf of the tourist Netherlands, “said Lode Schaeffer, creative director of Bureau Indie in Amsterdam.


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