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The great fantasy of the powerful is to make cash disappear, a dark design that did not date from yesterday. Like the methodical privatization of public goods, our masters take it step by step, taking care not to attract attention, to the point of no return. Cryptocurrencies investigated a little-known facet of Jeffrey Esptein’s friend Bill Gates… It turns out that the billionaire is at the forefront of the cash war. And like its sponsorship of the World Health Organization, this positioning raises questions.

Better Than Cash Alliance

This alliance was founded in 2012 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Based in the premises of the UN

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Beyond its charitable activities, the Foundation insidiously works towards the disappearance of cash under the false pretext of helping the poorest. Led by a fine line of globalists, its real purpose is actually to weave the web of “Surveillance capitalism”, increase the overall debt and concentrate power a little more. Meet its most prominent members:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (founder)
  • The UN (USAID)
  • Master Card / VISA / Paypal
  • Citibank
  • Many developing states including India, Nigeria and Pakistan
  • The German Ministry of the Economy
  • The Ford and Clinton foundations
  • The International Labor Organization
  • The US Treasury

That beautiful people all having an interest in eliminating paper money.

India, laboratory of the end of Cash

The head of the Gates foundation in India is Nachiket Mor, a former member of the Board of Governors of the Indian Central Bank (RBI). The latter was responsible since 2013 for a committee on “Financial inclusion”. An absurd expression behind which hides the ambition to connect all Indians to the modern system of debt slavery and substitute the Visa / Mastercard for cash.

Nachiket Mor

However, barely 7 months after Nachiket Mor joined the Gates foundation (March 2016), the Hindu subcontinent was carrying out a brutal experiment by declaring – overnight – illegal banknotes of 500 and 1000 rupees.

It was then explained that these obsolete notes were to be deposited in the banks while waiting for new notes of 500 and 2000 rupees to be introduced the following month. This shock strategy was a blitzkrieg aimed at forcing Indians to create a bank account and thus initiate the digitalization of a society that uses cash 90% of the time.

The other motivation was to encourage some 300 million Indians without an identity card to apply for a biometric identity number “Aadhaar”(Required to open a bank account).

What’s your plan Bill?

We know that the founder of Microsoft is working on a standardized biometric identification system – ideally standardized on a global scale… No need to be overflowing with imagination to guess that associating each fact and movement of citizens with a single number is madness .

Indeed, even if the Indian Supreme Court watches over the grain, the objective is to make the Aadhaar identity number mandatory to obtain a Sim card, a bank account, social assistance, medical records etc.

The inevitable happened… The data of a billion Indians (fingerprints, retina scans, photographs and many other things) have already leaked on the internet. They can be purchased for £ 6…

In a remake of the saga Cambridge Analytica, this data was used to refine the profiling of each citizen in order to manipulate the elections of the largest democracy in the world. Remember that Cambridge Analytica used data from Facebook to determine 32 types of personalities in order to influence us surgically via tailor-made propaganda messages. #Make America Great Again…

Here is a statement from our friend Bill in 2015:

“If the financial flows go into a digital system to which the United States is not connected, it becomes much more difficult to find the transactions of which you want to be informed or that you want to block. “

Difficult to be clearer. Bill Gates is well aware of the importance of controlling payment architectures around the world. The most glaring example being the network SWIFT which infiltrates all international transactions and which the United States uses to collapse the economies of countries that refuse to bow down (who refuse to use the dollar). #IRAN.

On a smaller scale, it should be noted that it was also enough for the US government to put pressure on US payment services so that they cut off the supplies to Wikileaks… Payment systems are not neutral infrastructures but formidable tools of blackmail in the hands of the powerful who will not hesitate to use them to hack our democracies.

Personal-Financial.comism Watch

The risk of being disconnected from the system with a single click is one risk among others. In the absence of any possibility to pay anonymously, our banking histories also become a very faithful image of our personality. Of our life.

What happens when we put this data in parallel with other data such as our Google search history, our history of likes on facebook, our GPS history, our conversations or even our potential sexual partners?

We become an open book for Big Data / Brother who can then give us a note like the Chinese Communist dictatorship already does. This note is the first step towards a society whose social hierarchy will be decided by algorithms according to arbitrary codes. In other words, fascism 2.0.

Our data is gold in the bar because it is used to dig deep inside our self in order to better colonize our unconscious and control us without our knowledge.

“Silicon Valley companies have siphoned off our privacy and are using it as a raw material to monitor us and push us to consume. “

Professor Shoshana Zubov, author of the book the age of surveillance capitalism

Google always knows where we are and what we are thinking. Facebook knows what our hobbies, preferences and friends are. Other data collected makes it possible to know, for example, whether you write with mistakes, if you drive fast in the car, if you play sports, if you speak alone, if you have a date.

They will always say that this harvest of ” data “Improves their services but it’s just a facet speech. All of our data is actually analyzed to create, among other things, models of human behavior.

Know how people with certain characteristics behave over time allows to build prediction models. To put it another way, behavioral modeling lets see the future.

It is a very useful gift to adjust his political promises. Estimating the probable date of our death is also a strategic factor for banks and insurance companies.. And of course, it will be easier to lure the customer with the right product at the right time. A beautiful black jacket delivered within 24 hours just before your Tinder meeting, for example…

Bitcoin VS Big Data / Brother

Julian Assange warned us that we are entering a postmodern surveillance dystopia from which only the most able will have a chance to escape. We urgently need to use VPN to hide our activity on the internet, deactivate OK Google and all these snitches who spy on us all the time.

One thing is certain, the most skillful will pay in Bitcoin the day the bankers manage to wipe out paper money.

Bitcoin is a currency just as much as a payment system. Two in one. We couldn’t have asked for a better anonymous economic system to escape total surveillance.

Cryptocurrency will become more and more precious as the noose tightens on our good old banknotes and we plunge into a new totalitarianism. An invisible totalitarianism that does not say its name. An intimate totalitarianism that knows us better than we do.

So, in addition to protecting us from inflation, negative rates and bankruptcies, Bitcoin also hides our privacy so as not to end up cataloged by an algorithm that will favor the most servile among us.

Let’s not be fooled. When the egocentric Elon Musk rotting the sky with tens of thousands of internet satellites, surveillance capitalism is taking flight. When we install 5G, it’s good for spying on us every second and perfecting the models for predicting our lives …

Did Google predict the popular revolt that threatens to turn into a civil war in the United States? Probably not. No algorithm can predict the drop that overflows the vase. And it’s not your facial recognition cyclops that will change anything. Bill.

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