Tudor Gold Starts Powerful Drill Program With 22.5 To 32.1 Million Ounces Of Gold Eq Target ++ Billionaire Eric Sprott Invests Another CAD 2.9 Million!

With further top news in the focus of investors!

The exploration pearl Tudor Gold Corp. (Ticker Canada: TUD, WKN: A2AJ7Y) we presented you in detail several times last year. Many of our readers can already look forward to exceptional price gains in their securities accounts, as the stock is from 0.24 CAD to 1.07 CAD meanwhile has exploded! A gain of 345%. But that’s not all – we are convinced that Tudor Gold still has very high price potential.

Smart investors are now positioning themselves again at the absolutely perfect time – Why? We have examined the latest company reports in more detail for you and summarized our assessment:


Tudor Gold announced on May 11th (see link here) that the powerful drilling program on the flagship project Treaty Creek in the golden triangle by B.C. started! The world-class explorer plans there overall in the next few months 20,000 meters to drill.

This is this year’s drilling program more than twice the size like last year, as 9,781 meters in 14 holeswere drilled.


100% hit rate for the 2019 drilling program – all 14 holes have hit gold-bearing mineralization! Chapeau to the management team around the experienced CEO Walter Storm, who already co – founded Osisko mining (The market capitalization then rose from under $ 10 million to over $ 4.5 billion) has proven a real golden exploration knack in Canada!


The legendary star investor Eric Sprott has massively expanded his strategic stake in Tudor Gold! The billionaire announced on May 15, 20 that he had exercised two purchase warrants ahead of time and has thus transferred CAD 2.9 million to Tudor. (Read the German press release here: LINK)

The smart Eric Sprott knows exactly how to make a lot of money in the raw materials sector!

This further investment is a special seal of approval and strong proof of trust in the world-class Explorer Tudor Gold !!! Follow the ‘smart money’ and be there when Tudor Gold writes exploration history!


Tudor Gold is one of the few exploration companies with sufficient funding are to be able to carry out such a mega exploration program! So there will be a lot of news flow in the next few months, which should cause extreme (positive) share price fantasy!


The exploration team around Tudor Gold’s award-winning star geologist and VP Project Development, Ken Konkin, has even succeeded with the drilling program to start four weeks earlier! This is top news, because the publication of the first drilling results can now be expected much earlier! Ken Konkin was instrumental in the discovery of Pretium Resources’ The Valley of Kings. The very experienced Ken Konkin knows exactly what he is doing – we are expecting another successful exploration program this year!


The company has big plans: On April 22, 20, Tudor announced that the metallurgical test work and preliminary basic studies on ‘Treaty Creek’ started.

For us, this is a strong sign that Tudor will continue to develop the project until it is ready for production after the release of a first resource (towards the end of this year?)!

You can read the German press release here: LINK


The Gold price has a new one in May multi-year high of $ 1,765 marked and is still in a long-term cyclical upward trend. Many experts expect the nominal all-time high of around USD 1,920 to be exceeded in the next few months. The renowned American Bank of America in April issued a forecast that gold would fall within 18 months up to $ 3,000 per troy ounce could increase!

One of the reasons for the gold price rise is the launch of global economic stimulus programs and the massive expansion of money supply by the major central banks. It is estimated that the incredible sum of $ 10 trillion is printed on new money or is launched in government programs. These measures are designed to avert a severe recession / depression triggered by COVID-19.

It is expected that we will see rapidly increasing inflation rates or even stagflation in the next few years! Gold is and remains one of the safest investments (a so-called ‘safe haven’) for investors in such an environment and offers the ultimate protection against inflation-related devaluation.

Gold stocks traditionally have significant leverage against gold. This means that if the gold price trend is positive, they will increase significantly more in percentage terms. Experience has shown that the typical leverage effect of a gold share is 1.5 to 4x. (A 1% price increase in gold usually means an increase of 1.5 to 4% for shares in the gold sector).

Not so with Tudor Gold: the exploration company even had a much stronger lever on the gold price in 2019! It was a strong 12.6x in 2019!

The stock increased from $ 0.24 to $ 0.79 from January 2, 2019 to December 31, 2018. This corresponds to a percentage increase of 229.2%. The gold price rose by only 18.1% over the same period. Thus the Lever from Tudor Gold at 12.6x (Calculation formula: 229.2: 18.1 = 20.5).


Tudor Gold’s drilling results in 2019 are world class!

We have listed a few of the most spectacular drill results to date:

  • Hole GS19-42: 0.849 g / t Gold Eq over 780 meters including 1.275 g / t Gold Eq over 370.5 meters in the 300 horizon section;
  • Hole GS19-47: 0.697 g / t Gold Eq over 1,081.5 meters including 0.867 g / t Gold Eq over 301.5 meters in the 300 horizon section;
  • Hole GS19-52: 0.783 g / t gold Eq over 601.5 meters incl. 1.062 g / t gold over 336.0 meters in the 300 horizon section;
  • Hole GS19-48: 0.793 g / t Gold Eq over 927.0 meters;
  • Hole GS19-49: 0.800 g / t gold Eq over 826.5 meters incl. 1.080 g / t gold over 249 meters;
  • Hole GS19-50: 0.681 g / t Gold Eq over 577.5 meters;
  • Borehole CB-18-39: 1.086 g / t Gold Eq over 563.8 meters

Tudor Gold has already managed to define a significant mineralization corridor on Treaty Creek. The currently known length of the northeast axis of the Goldstorm system is over 850 meters and the southeast axis is at least 600 meters. The system remains open in both directions and in depth!

The total size of this powerful gold system has expanded significantly with each step-out well! As can be seen from the recently released press release, Tudor is planning another step-out well 150 meters away in 2020. Not to be painted if a long gold mineralization section is found again!

And the best thing is that the mineralization at ‘Treaty Creek’ starts near the surface, which clearly speaks for a future open pit mining (‘open pit design’)! Tudor Gold has therefore defined the so-called ‘Horizon 300 Zone’. This means the area of ​​the first 300 meters from the ground. As you can see in the above results, the ore grades are often even over 1.00 grams of gold per ton! This increases the economy of this world-class project enormously.

The gold system is open on all sides and the overall size has not yet been fully defined. Thus, Tudor Gold’s flagship project still has enormous exploration potential!

The company plans to begin producing an initial Treaty Creek resource estimate immediately after the 2020 drilling season ends.

We went to the trouble of identifying a potential resource based on the conceptual exploration target for Treaty Creek of 1 billion tons of rock as well as various assumptions of ore grades (grams of gold per ton).

We would like to emphasize that this simulation is based on an interview by Ken Konkin with Swiss Resource AG in November 2019 and various variable assumptions!

Tudor Gold’s star geologist Ken Konkin, Vice President Project Development, gave an impressive interview in November 2019.

Click on this link to watch the interview! LINK

Tudor Gold’s “Treaty Creek’ – the next significant world-class project in stable and mining-friendly Canada (B.C.)

As more and more gold producers have to replace their mined gold resources in order to maintain a constant gold production, the demand for world class projects in politically stable regions how we believe Canada and Australia will grow rapidly.

Projects such as ‘Treaty Creek’ by Tudor gold should be at the top of the shopping list of the big producers. Because that Flagship project ‘Treaty Creek’ is located close to the infrastructure of roads and electricity in mining-friendly western Canada.

Should Tudor Gold actually make it towards the end of the year, a first gold resource from 22-32 million ouncesto prove, one would explosive revaluation of the share at! Currently the market capitalization is only around $ 137 million.

As I said, Tudor Gold has not yet released a proven resource, but the spectacular drill results from 2019 show that the company may be controlling a world-class ore body on Treaty Creek!

We have created a hypothetical valuation matrix for Tudor Gold. Should a producer be ready for every ounce of gold after the release of a gold resource, e.g. Paying $ 65 would be worth $ 1.98 billion worth of gold (e.g., 20 million ounces) at Treaty Creek.

Tudor Gold’s 60% stake in Treaty Creek would have a value of $ 1.19 billion or $ 7.80 per share. This corresponds to a price potential of an incredible 748%!

Since Tudor Gold’s Treaty Creek project is located in politically safe Canada, a substantial takeover premium should be extremely realistic if a major is taken over by M&A. $ 90 per ounce of gold is also easy in the realm of possibility. The takeover value for Tudor Gold would of course be correspondingly higher – in theory it would be approx. 10.80 CAD per share!

That is why in previous articles we allowed Tudor Gold a clear potential for excavators.

We expect enormous news flow from Tudor Gold in 2020, especially for the upcoming drilling season, which will be a combination of ‘infill’ drilling and ‘step-out’ drilling.

In addition, the mineralization zones begin near the surface, which strongly suggests that there may be a large open one here Open pit mine will arise. And the Tudor Gold flagship project is known to work on one infrastructure a few kilometers away (Electricity and road).

‘Wild Card’:

Seabridge gold is the immediately adjacent neighbor of Tudor Gold’s Treaty Creek project and plans to bring the “KSM project” into production. This extremely costly mine project with initial capital costs should be estimated at $ 5.4 billion ever financed and going into production, Seabridge plans to build a tunnel directly through Treaty Creek. As can be seen from various company presentations and on the Seabridge website, this so-called ‘Mitchell Treaty’ tunnel (‘MTT’) is to be used to design an underground train system via which not only ore but also personnel and consumables are to be transported.

As we can assess the situation from a distance, the possible tunnel is fairly close to the potential Goldstorm gold system on ‘Treaty Creek’ – Tudor Gold will definitely not allow sterilization of your future resource! In our opinion, this tunnel will only be possible, if at all, under very mutually acceptable conditions and at eye level with Tudor Gold! Otherwise, it would be hard for us to imagine how Seabridge would survive a multi-billion dollar lawsuit if the planned tunnel ran straight through Tudor Gold’s future (potential) open pit mine.

Tudor’s Treaty Creek project is significantly closer to key infrastructure such as highway and electricity than its neighbor Seabridge Gold. Therefore, gold producers’ interest in Tudor Gold should also be greater. We also expect significantly lower capital costs for the construction of a mine at Treaty Creek.

Source: Seabridge Gold company presentation, July 2019

For all new readers we have briefly compiled some background information on Tudor Gold:

Tudor gold is a precious metal and base metal exploration company with concession areas in British Columbia’s ‘Golden Triangle’, an area where producing or past mines and several large deposits are approaching potential development. The 17,913 hectare Treaty Creek project (in which Tudor Gold holds a 60% stake) is adjacent to the KSM property of Seabridge Gold Inc. in the southwest and to the Brucejack property of Pretium Resources Inc. in the southeast Company controls 100% of the Electrum project. In addition, Tudor has ‘earn-in’ options or is 100% involved in other projects in the ‘Golden Triangle’.

The “Sulfurets Thrust Fault” leads from the Seabridge deposit “Iron Cap” to the Tudor Gold “Goldstorm” system from the southwest corner of the “Treaty Creek” claims, which adjoin Seabridge Gold’s concession areas. The ‘Gold Storm’ zone is located five kilometers northeast of Seabridge’s ‘Iron Cap’ deposit.

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.

On the map below you can see the Tudor Gold concession areas (highlighted in blue) in the middle of the famous ‘Golden Triangle’ in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.

The region ‘Golden Triangle’ is one of the richest gold regions in Canada – over 72 million ounces of gold and over 13 billion pounds of copper have already been found in the immediate vicinity of world-class explorer Tudor Gold!

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.

Be there when the management makes history again. The founder of Tudor Gold is none other than Walter Storm, one of the co-founders of Canadian Osisko Mining in 2004. The market capitalization then rose from less than 10 million to over 4.5 billion CAD.

Will Walter Storm again manage to achieve phenomenal share price gains for shareholders this time? We think so! The licensed concession areas are extremely promising and Tudor Gold has put together a strong management team.

With Ken Konkin, Tudor was able to hire a multi-award-winning star geologist who among other things was instrumental in the discovery of Pretium Resources’ world-class Valley of Kings deposit.

Tudor Gold has everything a first class exploration company needs!

Top Facts & Summary of Tudor Gold Corp Highlights:

  • Prime location: Huge land package in the world famous Canadian ‘Golden Triangle’ – More than 72 million ounces of gold have already been discovered within a few kilometers.
  • The flagship project ‘Treaty Creek’ is right next to the largest world-class deposits and mines. (Seabridge Gold and Pretium Resources)
  • Extremely promising project portfolio with over 35,518 hectares on concession areas, spread over four projects.
  • Treaty Creek is close to good infrastructure: The nearest street and power line are only around 20 km away.
  • Excellent geological location of the acquired land packages in mining-friendly British Columbia in Canada.
  • Top management – Very experienced and successful team under the direction of the renowned Walter Storm, Co-founder of the Canadian mining company Osisko mining. Ken Konkin, a multi-award winning geologist has led the drilling program since 2019. He was instrumental in the discovery of the Pretium Resources ‘The Valley of Kings’ deposit. (8 million ounces of gold)
  • At $ 140 million, Tudor Gold has an extremely low market cap compared to its direct neighbors Seabridge Gold ($ 1.4 billion) and Pretium Resources ($ 2.3 billion)
  • World-class drilling results on the Treaty Creek flagship project:

The 2019 drilling program resulted in first class continuous mineralization intercepts e.g.

  • Drill hole GS19-42: 0.849 g / t Gold Eq over 780 meters including 1.275 g / t Gold Eq over 370.5 meters in the 300 Horizon section;
  • Hole GS19-47: 0.697 g / t Gold Eq over 1,081.5 meters including 0.867 g / t Gold Eq over 301.5 meters in the 300 Horizon section;
  • Drill hole GS19-52: 0.783 g / t gold Eq over 601.5 meters incl. 1.062 g / t gold over 336.0 meters in the 300 Horizon section;
  • Hole GS19-48: 0.793 g / t Gold Eq over 927.0 meters;
  • Hole GS19-49: 0.800 g / t gold Eq over 826.5 meters including 1.080 g / t gold over 249 meters;
  • Hole GS19-50: 0.681 g / t Gold Eq over 577.5 meters;
  • Hole CB-18-39: 1,086 g / t Gold Eq over 563.8 meters
  • Enormous exploration potential – Large parts of the exploration projects are still largely unexplored.
  • The Tudor Gold property has the potential to be a gold resource in the tens of millions of ounces range can be demonstrated.
  • Tudor Gold is a prime M&A acquisition target.
  • Strong support from the ‘Tahltan First Nation’: Signing an engagement and communication agreement.
  • Clear vote of confidence – More than 50% of the shares are owned by the CEO and company founder Walter Storm (35%)and commodity star investor Eric Sprott (16.9%) held.

Believe experts like Eric Sprott, the man with the ‘gold finger’, then invest in Tudor Gold! The stock is quoted today where Seabridge Gold was in 2005 before the stock price multiplied. The stock is on the buying radar of countless gold investors – everyone is waiting for further news flow of the 2020 borehole season in the coming months!

Tudor Gold’s immediate neighbors are Seabridge Gold (market cap around $ 1.4 billion) and Pretium Resources (around CAD 2.3 billion). The current market capitalization of Tudor gold is only low $ 137 million – there is still a lot of potential for improvement!

About Tudor Gold Corp:

Surname: Tudor Gold Corp.

Germany stock exchange ticker: TUC

Stock exchange ticker Canada: TUD.V

Last courses in Germany: 0, € 605

Last courses in Canada: 0, 92 C.AD

ISIN: CA89901P1071


Here you can find more information about Tudor Gold:

Please read our article on Tudor Gold from January 8th, 2020

Read our detailed company description with assessment from August 1st, 2019:

Link to the company’s website

Best wishes and maximum success with your investments!

Your JS research team

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