Tesla CEO Elon Musk sells all of his properties

Elon Musk lives up to his promise to no longer own property. The manager has already offered seven of his properties on the market for sale. The Tesla boss is aiming for the properties with a total value of over $ 100 million without selling the help of a real estate agent.

A tweet from Elon Musk causes Tesla’s stock to crash

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for bizarre appearances on social media, he always amazes fans and media with strange statements on Twitter. Given his influence, Musk often triggers larger responses with any statements than he may be aware of beforehand.

On May 1, the manager only announced in a series of tweets that the Tesla share was overvalued. This was followed by another short message saying, “I am selling almost all of my physical possessions. I won’t own a house. “

Musk lists seven properties

Regardless of what he said about Tesla stock, Musk is delivering on his promise to sell all of his properties. Since his May 1st Twitter tirade, the billionaire’s properties have been sold for a total value of over $ 100 million.

Musk has listed at least seven lots in the past two weeks, one in Hillsborough near San Francisco and six in Bel Air, Los Angeles. In total, Musk is demanding $ 137 million. If he were to get the list prices, he would make a profit of $ 30 million compared to the purchase price.

The sale is expected to be completed without a real estate agent, and four of the six properties in Bel Air can only be purchased as a total package for $ 62.5 million. The curious thing about it is that the properties do not border on each other, but are spread across various locations. The architectural style also differs significantly. Accordingly, finding a solvent buyer could be difficult.

“Possessions hold you back”

When asked by a Twitter user why he was selling all of his property, Musk replied, “Don’t need the cash. Dedicate myself to Mars and Earth. Possessions only hold you back. “

In a conversation with Joe Rogan during the podcast `The Joe Rogan Experience`, Musk further explained his“ new ”view of property:“ They are a kind of attack vector, you know? People say, “Hey, billionaire, you have all this stuff.” Well, now I have no stuff. What are you doing now?”

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When asked how he plans to live in the future, Musk said that until further notice he would only live for rent.

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